Looking into 2022

looking forward to 2022.

As we come back in January to start another year, what can we look forward to in 2022 do you think?

Well, we haven’t finished with Covid yet; it will continue to disrupt our private and business lives. It looks like a major problem will be ongoing supply chain disruption.  This may prevent you from accessing the resources you need to carry on your business, or it might mean scarcity of resources driving up the price. Contingency plans for these problems might include increasing cash reserves to meet unexpected price spikes, informing customers of increased lead times work from the outset and improving relationships with suppliers to get better communication and service.

Pundits are predicting an election in April or May; how will that effect your business?  What has happened during previous elections and can you do anything to prepare?

International travel will take off 🙂 as Covid problems ease. This could coincide with the northern hemisphere summer, so will we see a travel boom around June – August? Can you take advantage of that? I know I am keen to go visit my children.

As the work from home phenomena becomes an established work pattern, how can you take advantage of that?  Can you offer new services to suit the new trends?

At BECIR we will continue to offer simple, common sense advice based on our long experience for locals who are just starting their business or who have reached a point where they are not making the progress they would like. As well as our existing one to one coaching services we will offer workshops through the year and support our community partners with the micro business program in Redbank Plains.

Of special interest to me will be workshops we will run aimed at young people stepping into their first supervisory role. Whether its your business, or you work  for a Company, we will show you the basic skills for managing others and getting the job done. Stay tuned for more.

By then we should be well into the second half of 2022. Come and see us, or get in touch if you would like a confidential review of your business plans for this year.