2020 at BECIR

Hi to all the Ipswich Region Businesses, I hope 2020 has got off to a good start for you!

BECIR continues to provide coaching and mentoring to Ipswich region small businesses.  At present the Business Hub at Turley street is fully occupied, but feel free to contact BECIR if ever you are looking for a small , low cost work shed to launch your next business venture.

From a business perspective, this year’s worries will be driven by the impact of the bush fires, the floods and the Corona virus. The  impact these events will have on tourism and education will have a ripple effect through retail and consumer driven industries.

Always look for the silver lining; poor new car sales last year should see an increase in service work for local mechanics as drivers look to get another year out of their current vehicle.

Politically, we have the Local Government elections coming soon, which should be good for Ipswich.  With both our State and Federal governments feeling the heat from public opinion, don’t be surprised by any regional spending initiatives too.  Hopefully more transparent than the sports debacle.

BECIR ‘s plan for this half of the  year include running 2 workshops for local businesses. The topics to be covered will be  Cash flow management and Choosing and implementing a marketing strategy.

Feel free to contact the BECIR if you would like to discuss any part of your current or future small business. The office is open every Monday afternoon  for visitors.

Best wishes for your success,

Michael Crowley

Manager, BECIR